Beach property 5th beach – Morro de São Paulo, Bahia

Beach property 5th beach – Morro de São Paulo, Bahia
€ 1.050.000.-

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5. Strand
Zip / City:
Morro de Sao Paulo
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7,2 ha


Property on a dream beach, ideal for a Luxury Resort on the island of Tinharé, better known as Morro de Sao Paulo. This property is located directly between the high class hotels Anima and Las Orixás and further right Karapitangui and Praia Do Encanto with a total size of about 7.2 ha. 97m x 750 m in shape of a parallelogram. The land is precisely measured and marked. It is structured as palm tree farm on about 20 % of the land and Atlantic Jungle in rear part of the land. The land is developed: Electricity at its boundaries, sweet water, street access (back end), approval for building. Nearby in a distance of about 2.5 km you can find a the small airport of Aerostar with flights to the Airport of Salvador (flight time 20min). The street at the backend of the land takes you to Morro de Sao Paulo, distance about 8km. The white, pristine beach is sheltered by a reef. Rights of way are clarified from any directions. Classified as: “Terra touristica especial” within a nature reserve. The offered property can be extended by a directly bordering property with exactly the same dimensions. In this case, the investor disposes of about 16 ha of land with significant development potential as for instance in the sector of eco tourism. Beachfront is than app. 200 m. The following development if of importance for investors in the travel and tourism sector: Improved reachability of the holiday island since November 2014. The airport located on the mainland behind Valença (vis-à-vis the island) has been enlarged. By November, a first regular air route from São Paulo with destination Valença started to operate. Therewith travellers with the destination Morro de São Paulo (Ilha de Tinharé, Bahia) do not need to travel via Salvador de Bahia and the Bay of all Saints any longer. An additional air route from Rio de Janeiro is advised. Price for both properties on request.